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  • What's Pastor Eric's deal?
    Mostly... I'm a nerd. Star Wars, Batman and the DC universe, the Marvel universe, Hobbits, horror flicks, etc. So, right away, you never know where I am going to pull references from. During my last message I brought pillows in case anyone needed to have a pillow fight (That's all I'm telling. You'll have to watch it). The biggest thing you need to know about me is I love everyone, but there is no one that I love more than Jesus. I heard it said once, "I am just a man who never got over meeting Jesus." It's the truth. He changed everything. Am I perfect? No, in no way shape or form do I feel that I am worthy of such unconditional love. I've done things, I have a history, just like everyone else. But just like everyone of you, Jesus is willing to take me as I am. All God ask is for me to claim Him as my Lord and Savior, seek to follow Him and His Word everyday of my life. Jesus is calling you, the same as He called me. What will your answer be? I said "Yes", and now a nerd like me is a child of God. It's pretty awesome.
  • What time is worship Services?
    Rockwood 9:30AM Pleasant Hill 11:00AM
  • Where is Pleasant Hill located?
    2312 Smoky Park Hwy Candler, NC 28715
  • Where is Rockwood located?
    288 Crabtree Mountain Road Canton, NC 28716
  • Can older sermons be watched anywhere?
    Yes. There are over 200 videos on our YouTube Channel. There is a link at the bottom of the sermon page or you can just click the link here.
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