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This page is a place where I can share my love of photography with you. I am not trying to make a living or anything like that from my photography, but it is more of a creative outlet for me. Photographers look at the world a little different than others. When we look at anything we look from different angles, we see different colors, but we also look for that one little thing that many just overlook. I try to look at the world the same way. I try to look at the world the same way: by considering every angle. Perspective shows us things can appear different from each side, in different colors, or with changing lighting. Ultimately I try to see everything as God sees it. Every little detail, not overlooking anything or anyone, and love it all.

Explanation: I use a Canon Rebel SL3, I'm a Star Wars nerd, and Pastor.

כּוֹמֶר (Komer / kómer) is the Hebrew word for priest, vicar, pastor, etc.

If you see something you like please click the heart button   in the lower left corner of that photo. 

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